Business Team

Joey easily notices beauty in everything from fashion to gourmet food and art. Having studied Performing Arts Management and Business Administration via Columbia College Chicago and Grand View University respectively, he brings a vision for excellence to Salon Spa W. Joey has resided in downtown Chicago and downtown San Diego which furthers his ability to offer a metropolitan experience for our guests.

He loves Des Moines and has his thumb on the heart beat of Des Moines’s newest and hippest places. He takes joy in helping our guests find the perfect restaurant, boutique or experience. Joey loves to travel, as well, and is inspired by the fashion and beauty trends he sees in Paris, Los Angeles, Chicago, or New York.

His work experience ranges from over the top wedding planning & coordinating to high-end bakery experience at a James Beard featured French pastry house in California. Exposing himself to all types of service industry climates is what helps him customize each guest’s personal experience at Salon Spa W.